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Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

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Your Website Is A Champion! How Can It Be Recognized?
2005 Jim R. Legington


Did you know that... a vast majority of Internet users are
looking for information on whatever their interests maybe.

Therefore Targeted Visitors To Your Website is BEST achieved
by Being Their Source Of Information and knowing HOW they seek
to acquire the desired information.

Then as an Online Marketer
You just have to be there in the PATH with the solution to their
problems and You have the best opportunity for the sale.

This article is about giving You the tools You can use to
get Your website recognized and buyers on Your website!

This is not a pipe dream by no means, but if You excute this
system You can expect and additional 100,000+ Potential Buyers,
to visit Your website every month. Nothing worth it's salt will
happen in Your business without proper behavior.

Thoughts lead to beliefs, and beliefs lead to behavior, and
BEHAVIOR Creates Results
..... Jim R. Legington, Publisher

Cause and effect, You can't get around it no matter how You try.

Keyword Mastery is a must because a vast majority of Internet users are looking for information on whatever their interests maybe. Being able to quickly determine how Your potential customer is seeking Your kind of product/solution for their problem to be solved is a vital key to Your Online Business success.

It's  difficult to catapult Your Sales without understanding the behavior of Your potential customers/clients.

But I've got good news, You don't have to be frustrated any longer because this software has the ability to make Your website a Champion in the shortest order of time in my humble opinion.

It doesn't matter what type of promotion You do, from pay-per- click search engines to ezines to direct email marketing and anything else You can think of, "Adwordiser" is the Brand New Way Today to get the Best Results in promotions guaranteed to Save You Time and Money, as well as Increase Your Profits FLOW into Your Bank Account right from Your DeskTop or LapTop Computer. Just One Click of Your Mouse and The Information Comes that will make Your Web Site a Champion.

Because now You know what the Customer wants and How they are looking for it and where to find them to deliver Your Product.

The Easiest way to get Your Website Recognized Today!

Type in any keyword, and AdWordiser will quickly give You a long list of What People Are Looking For on that topic, Plus show You how many people are buying related ads on Google and Overture/Yahoo. Click Here For Details and get Your Copy! http://www.moneymakersupperroom.com/land/adwordiser.html

You can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

You'll love this and certainly be glad you did!

Webmaster's and Web Consultants, here is one piece of software that will help You give untold leverage to Your Clients/Customers....It Simply Works Guaranteed!

This is significant and the difference that makes for success in all that You do. All The Best In Christ! http://www.moneymakersupperroom.com/yourfeedback.html

Writing Articles will be Your next most vibrating endeavor that will attract and bring a highly Targeted Visitor of the Best order for the purchase of Your products/solutions for Your Potential Clients/Customers. This is a skill that will be foundational for Your goal of web copywriting. When we master that skill, then You can sale whatever You want.

I can hear You right now in my minds eye saying, but I will never be able to do that. Yes You can!  And may I say it again for Christ sakes, Yes You Can!

First of all, know what God has done is given us abundance online with many good minds that are creative and have solved the most crucial part of that challenge. The formula and foundation for Your Article Writing is in this very tool I am using at this very moment.
It's  called an Article Creator.

Don't worry about Your former English Teacher being ashamed because school is never
out for a Champion. Blood sweat and tears but write on anyway.

Do you know only true leaders step out front?"

John F. Kennedy, echoing Theodore Roosevelt, stated the IDEA more
eloquently when he said:

"The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at best, if he wins, knows the thrills of high achievement, and, if he fails, at least fails daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

Click Here and Step Up To The Plate, "Yes You Can!" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with God's help, said we would be judged by the "Content Of Our Character" Let Freedom Ring http://www.moneymakersupperroom.com/webhitmachine.html

Building Keyword Rich Landing Pages armed with audio is critical when using the surf for traffic programs. You can get some meaningful website traffic from these if You use the right strategy. This is from the school of Hard Knocks!

First of all, You need a quick loading page with audio that loads with the page as it is presented. Don't be cheap here because You need at least 30 seconds to succeed in making an attention grabbing presentation. Some of the programs that are offered Free will only show your page 10-15 seconds at most. Therefore if they offer a PRO set-up it will give You your Best results here. Here is a Major Player: http://www.moneymakersupperroom.com/million_visitors.html

Don't even think about trying to load that HOME Page that You are so in love with. Simply put, it won't work. You have to travel light and quick. The best kind that I have found is one that will allow the surfer to pause the display when Your Headline and Audio got their attention.

Click Here For Your Audio on Your Pages: http://www.moneymakersupperroom.com/audiogenerator.html

Here is my example of the kind of tool in a landing page in which we are laboring to describe. Click Here For my Example of a working "Landing Page" we have Online: http://www.upperroommktsolutions.com/news/

The Next most important tactic is doing "Joint Ventures" with the Champions Online. This is crucial and You need a solid Network of marketers that understand the concept and strategy. No man is an Island, You can't do it alone.

This is Leverage, and every major player understands this as vital to a thriving and successful business.

Ask the likes of just a few of the Best at this leverage IDEA
in my humble opinion,

and if I had room I could give more:

Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Terry Dean, Jimmy D.Brown, Willie Crawford, Joe Vitale, Stephen Pierce, Diane Hughes, Eva Browne Paterson, Donesia Mohammad, Mike Filsaime, Ewen Chia, Jo Hon Mok, Marlon Sanders, Martin Franzen, Mike Chen, Kim Komando, Bryan Winters, Armand Morin, Dan B. Cauthron, Shelly Lowery, Kevin Wilke, Matt Gills, Tom Kulzer, Michael Green, Corey Rudl, Abbie Drew, Alexandria K. Brown, Bobbette Madonna, Tim Gross, Michael Fortin, and others who are operating Major Companies in Internet Marketing.

Your Opportunity in this Network that I mention here is to get You going with Joint Venture Connections that You can acquire this magicial leverage for Free. This is where You get Your First Movers advantage. You will understand that better from the inside where the dealing is done.

Here is leverage that is an absolute No Brainer. Did You get that? I already know You are wise because You have read this far. Stay with me, hear me out and be blessed! Click Here, Don't even think about it.... Just Do It!

Now comes the most profound technology that the web has seen for marketing a product/solution or service since I have been online, fastly approaching seven years.
You can only get this by INVITATION or when there is say a Four Day Push to bring in additional users Free.

Once You get an Invite, as of this writing, You get Free THREE TYPES of ADS all because You are a member and actively using the web to promote Your business.
You just do what You normally do on the internet and have opportunity to gain credits to expose
Your own business venture throughout this community.

Patent Pending Technology as of this writing, and the net will remain a good place to communicate Your IDEAS because of IDEAS like this. This is the Future of Internet Marketing right here in the now and available by Invitation.

Remember, Once You get an Invite as of this writing, You get Free , "THREE TYPES ADs" to promote You business among and elite community of web users. One of the most helpful Forums, people helping one another to succeed in business. Some First Class IDEAS are shared in the Forum that will help You bring Quality Potential Buyers
to Your website.

If You want In on this Quality Website Traffic Source, then send Your request from my FeedBack Form  and I will see if I have any Invitations left,
and if so, look to hear from us.  Click Here!

Now just one more good IDEA
and I will begin to bring this dripping to a closeure for this setting. Oh I can hear You saying this is enough, but if I stopped right here it would make me feel like I was robbing You of Your complete inner circle victory. Let me press on toward the mark of my purpose and that is to Save You Time and Get Your website to perform for You as a Champion. You need to be present where the Real Buyers are Online. Would You agree with my choice of words?

Here is the Real Estate Online that has previously been un-tapped  but by a few very good Champion Marketers who had the wisdom and pure common sense
to look under the rock.

You need Your Advertisement right there when someone has just made a purchase online. These people are sure proof people will buy what they want. Usually they are in the best mind set, You say....How do You know that? Becuase I have made many purchases of what I wanted online, matter of fact is, that it can be really joyous when You are getting good quality products/solutions. 

Therefore let me from experience suggest that You get here just as soon as You can.
By the way, it's Free  also to Join and the gifts are helpful and user friendly.

Check Out my Thank You Page for all the Details: http://www.moneymakersupperroom.com/thankyoupage.html

Finally this will all be for naught without Your clear understanding that without You having good copywriting on Your own sales page or the One You are promoting, there still will be no measurable amount of sales.

You can Drive Traffic to Your website until the cows come home and not make any sales

if You miss this crucial point.

Can You see why You have gotta have a Champion Salesletter?

Therefore, even if You are not able to write Profit Pulling Web Copy, You must be able
as a Site Owner or an affiliate to recognize good AD COPY and Salesletter Copy. This could save You a lots of money and time wasted in promoting a sales page that has a weak draw or conversion rate for sales to the visiting and buying public.

Let me suggest  that You Buy this foundational work to help You make this curve.

This is a wise choice that gives room for growth and expansion in this
most often overlooked area of crucial developement.

Even if You hire some one to do Your Web Copy, You still would be wise to know these secrets. This is what all the Best Marketers know and can appreciate. They know the truth and will tell You if You ask them.

Notice that word ASK, it's something very special right there.

And it is Spiritual,  if there is no seed there can be no IDEA of the harvest,
Nothing worth it's salt will happen in Your business without proper behavior.

Thoughts lead to beliefs, and beliefs lead to behavior, and BEHAVIOR Creates Results..... Jim R. Legington, Publisher

Cause and effect, You can't get around it no matter how You try.
Teach a wise man and he will become even wiser, Go Here:

Thousands of Hours and Thousands of dollars have been Invested to acquire this seed so that You can Save Time and Make More Money From
Your Recognized Champion website.

Don"t miss this crucial point.
Good Copywriting [ Proof#1 Click Here! ]

Take Action Now, It's Your Time To Get Your Web Site
Recognized As A Champion!  Believe It and Achieve It!


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